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Vicki Rebecca

1200 Tight VE Portrait polished“Vicki Rebecca is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor holding academic and professional qualifications in Law, Psychotherapy, Advanced Clinical Hypnosis and NLP.”

Vicki has a successful practice as a therapist, trainer and personal development tour leader. A UKCP accredited psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor; she has an extensive background in health promotion, fitness training, yoga and meditation practice as well as professional qualifications in advanced clinical hypnosis, NLP, psychotherapy and law. Her practice includes one to one and couples therapy work, teaching small groups the core skills of personal growth including various means of relaxation and mind mastery, making recordings for sale and leading retreats at home and abroad.

Journey of the Initiate will help you achieve all you can be through mastery of body, mind, emotions and the past, learning to re-treat and live the great mystery. Journeying like the initiates of our ancient past to find your true self, and as you blossom and grow so you will give those around you permission to do the same.

About Vicki Rebecca's book: Journey of the Initiate is a culmination of my work as a trainer and psychotherapist in which my role is that of a facilitator, guiding the reader towards tapping into their own resources, perhaps resources they didn’t even realise they had. So Journey of the Initiate is a personal development tool that can be taken at an individual pace and is available to EVERYONE. I have deliberately kept it simple and have included step by step teaching aides to enable the reader to know themselves in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. Once that self-knowledge is established the next lessons, as in the ancient mystery schools, are: mastering the body, mind, emotions, and past, learning to re-treat and living the great mystery.

 The book is not an autobiography but I have shared my own story: rebel, runaway, page three and TV glamour girl (“Two Ronnies” etc.), and heroin addict. More particularly the steps I took on the road to recovery, what I have found to work in my practice and what the ancient Egyptians took as their way of life. I also wanted to share what I’d written and taught for those who couldn’t afford one to one therapy, as my mission is to make a difference on a larger scale, to help others to wake up from illusion and see the beauty of the world as it really is. I believe connecting to our own selves through our innate deep wisdom is the secret to empowerment and peace.