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The Story of Surya

It was pitch black everywhere, when I got off the bus half sleeping. Bus attendent gave me my backpack hastily and pointed at the opposite side of the road. Looking at the bus which was still by the road, I walked across hesitantly. At that moment I remembered Lompsang Rampha, the author of “The Third Eye” and the moment he was left at the gate of the monastery when he was a very young boy. It had affected me so deeply then, but it had not occured to me that I was going to have a very similar experience myself one day. Well, the first seeds of Surya have been sown at this very stop of my long round the world trip in 1998; 10 days silent retreat at Suan Mokhe in Thailand.

I talked about my experience there and the clarity of my mind to all my friends when I got back to London. During that clarity and calmness, a very obvious question came to my mind; why people put their car in the garage for a total service but not do the same thing for their mind/body and expect them to work without tiring, crushing down or resting for a very very long time, sometimes all life long. Yet being a very complex being, the humanbeing with various aspects who lives this modern life, needs to rest, reflect, retreat and refresh time to time during his/her life. Health is not just the physical health, there is also mental and emotional health which eventually affect the physical health negatively, if and when they deteriorate. Aim should be to stop and to reverse this harm on mental and emotional levels before it starts deteriorating the physical body.

In the light of this understanding, in 1998 I decided to found a retreat house where every one can come whenever they want and have a retreat, to reflect on themselves and get to know themselves better.

The details of where and how this house was going to be have formed during my long walking meditation from London to İstanbul in 2003. I call this walk a meditation now, as after a while on the walk even if it was reaching from one point to another for my body, it was a long meditation for my mind. At the end of the walk, I knew that I did not want to go back home in London where I lived but to realize my dream which I had had the inspiration for back in 1998 and decided to go back to Turkey for good.

Well, this the short story of how Surya came about and Surya is still growing and shaping up with the contribution of our guests over the years. We are so happy if we have created a little change, transformation, serenity, calmness, peace and joy in your lives over these years.

We welcome you all unconditionally and free of prejudice with love and compassion anytime you need and want some space for yourself.

Seda Shambhavi Kervanoğlu

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